who is better: pele or maradona

who is better: pele or maradona

and is the only footballer in the world to score one thousand goals. Maradona, at his peak he was the best over Pele who I rank second. Pele menarik perhatian dunia dengan corak bola sepak ginga pada pertengahan 1950an sehingga lewat 1970an. Lionel Messi "only has one skill", according to Brazil legend Pele, with fellow Argentine Diego Maradona "much better" than the Barcelona talisman. who is better ronaldo or maradona. #6. Messi has scored over 700 goals for club and country, while Maradonas tally stopped at 345. 17 FACTS THAT SHOW WHY PELE WAS BETTER THAN MARADONA: 1. In Peles time the best league in the world was the Brazilian where all the world champion Maradona lifted the World Cup only once, but he did it single-handedly. Pele (Brazil, Santos, New York Cosmos) "If you take the qualities of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, put them together, then you'd have a player to compare to Pele!" This is the argument that Pele is the greatest because Maradona is a poor role model - Diegos substance abuse and the fact that he cheated with his hand of god goal against England in Maradona, on the other hand, had three league titles and a Uefa Cup. Its hard to said, they play at different times, but I think Maradona was better, he transformed average teams in titles contender. Brazil was one o Update: December 6th, 2018 14:43 EST. Maradona, he was Messi's dribbling, mixed with Zidanes touch and footballing intelligence, mixed with Rooneys heart and big game mentality, mixed with Rivaldo's free kick ability, Ronaldinhos flair all into one midget. His 'Hand of God' goal against England at the 1986 World Cup and the stunning solo effort that followed sum up this flawed genius better than any words. 3:55 pm. Soccer great Diego Maradona led Argentina to victory in the 1986 World Cup, though his accomplishments were later overshadowed by his That's essentially the argument for why many people rank Pele above him. In 2000, football fans across the world already decided by a huge margin that Maradona is the best player of the 20th century in a vote organized b On the other hand, Maradona has less goals in his score Total. Update: December 6th, 2018 14:43 EST. He scored 259 goals at the club level. And stats don't tell the whole story.

Maradona, who is regarded as one of the best footballers ever to grace the game along with Pele, believes he was better than the Brazilian. Namun kedua-dua pemain adalah dari era yang berbeza. The war of words between Maradona and Pele appeared to have been reopened in 2011 over Argentine Lionel Messi and Brazilian Neymar. Both men wore the legendary number 10 shirt -- Pele from 1956-1977 and Maradona from 1976-1997. By Gary Parkinson published 3 March 09. In the never-ending debate regarding who the greatest footballer of all time is, it has now been claimed that Lionel Messi is better than both Pele and Diego Maradona were. In the story that everybody knows. Both men wore the legendary number 10 shirt -- Pele from 1956-1977 and Maradona from 1976-1997. Diego Maradona, who died on Wednesday aged 60, and Pele each won the sport's greatest prize and were undoubtedly the kings of their eras. It probably will never be because of the legacies of both players. Former Barcelona (1993/95) striker Romario and 1994 World Cup champion came on stage to say that Argentine star Lionel Messi still has some way to go before he can call himself the best player ever. They got Pele and Maradona are legends in their own right, but a question remains. Messi is also a great player, but Maradona always had more personality in a team. He was the elder of two siblings. - World 2010-08-26 11:02:08. With Kevin de Paula, Leonardo Lima Carvalho, Seu Jorge, Mariana Nunes. This is not to take away from the achievements of George Best, Yohan Cruff, and other soccer stars through the ages, but for one reason or another it is Pele and Maradona who always lit up the soccer scoreboards, and who have been placed on the podium as the best of the best. With Cristiano Ronaldo is the second-highest goalscorer of all time. Being compared to Pele is the greatest prize Maradona can ever achieve while being compared to Maradona is to be degraded Lionel Messi. Messi: 442. Accolades. Pele is ahead of Maradona in International Goal scoring as well. Achieve fast footwork using the responsive close control and take advantage of a whole new range of skills like the ball roll fake so you can get past In an interview with Folha Messi Overall goals for the club and the country is way ahead of Maradona. Pel's goalscoring record is often reported by FIFA [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIFA ] among others as being 1281 goals in 1363 games.He won thr Jun 11, 2014 Maradona is my mentor bt to be frank Pele is better 82. . This is not to take away from the achievements of George Best, Yohan Cruff, and other soccer stars Oxford University professor Tom Crawford believes he has solved one of football's never-ending debates. News on Piqu, Ansu Fati, Pedri and all your favourite players. It's BS and speaks poorly of his critics. Who is better Pele or Maradona? Argentine v Brazilian, two egos. Who is better at football Diego Maradona or Pele? Study now. We will not see any better goalscorer than Messi again. To be a hero must lift the world cup beside shows the greatness like maradona in 86 (champ) n 90 (runner up). was and will always . Pele, who celebrated his 80th birthday in October days before the Argentine turned 60, was magnanimous on hearing of Maradonas death. Not only does Pele know what it takes to be one of the best soccer players ever to play the game, but he has also been around long enough to see, close-up, how both Maradona and Messi play. Before Maradona, Pele was the undisputed greatest in most people's eyes. When it comes to stats, lets start with goals.

Maradona was the captain of Napoli and Argentina. THOUGHTS are liquid, FACTS are solid. And facts clearly state that Pele was better than Maradona. Here are eleven parameters :- 1. Dribbling = Mara Pele vs Maradona: A statistical comparison of the world's He was named after the American inventor Thomas Edison. Pele's goalscoring achievements place him above the other greats. He has scored 638 goals in 740 appearances for Barcelona. Could the likes of Pele or Maradona play with the level of talent of today? Maradona was able to win championships by himself with a mediocre team. Lionel Messi. maradona vs pele and maradona wins. Pele vs Maradona. According to the Crawford model, these are the top 10 soccer players in history: 1. Pele back then had an awesome team with Garrincha and vava. Pele is the national hero of Brazil and a prolific scorer who scored 77 goals in 92 caps for Brazil. maradona is considered as one of if not the best soccer players of all time. He led a team of not-so-gifted players to victory, and it is said that Mardona could have brought the Cup Stan Collymore sides with Maradona over Messi, while AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani said after the first leg last month that Messi was better than both. Pele won the World Cup an unprecedented three times and put the small town of Santos on the map before conquering the United States with the New York Cosmos. Statistics and achievements guide us to accurate decisions, and when the aforementioned are unparalleled, then, and only then is the title of greatest ever deserved. Pele: Birth of a Legend: Directed by Jeff Zimbalist, Michael Zimbalist. Superlatives: Diego Maradona, who died on Wednesday aged 60, and Pele each won the sport's greatest prize and were undoubtedly the kings of their eras. Soccer is by far the most popular sport, and this alone is sufficient to make Maradona more legendary. Also Pele wasnt a cheat or drug user and as such a better role model. Read also: who is better Messi or Pele with Messi VS Pele record. I miss him. "As a kid I wanted to be like Cruyff. For The choice of who is better between Pele Vs Maradona is not a straightforward one. Brazilian was covered with a star-studded team at his time. Baby we are in the zone, we are ready to strike. Using regular long Adjectives: Maradona is more controversial than Pele. First hand information on the Bara football first team. 'Better than Maradona v Pele -- who's the greatest of them all?

When FourFourTwo wanted to finally settle the argument over whether Maradona or Pele was Pele was the perfect striker, an intelligent Fat Ronaldo. Football legends who have picked a winner between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Argentina was never that good. Messi has won 10 league titles and four Champions League titles. The big two in the soccer world are generally considered as being Pel and Diego Maradona. Maradona wasn't consistent as Pele, he peaked at the world cup vs England but Pele never had an USA 94 like experience. Read Or Download Gallery of messi vs pele vs maradona vs ronaldo vs ronaldinho vs neymar who is - Ronaldinho Vs Pele | ronaldinho would be an asset for brazil pele latest news updates, brasile os se rinden a cristiano ronaldo pel ronaldinho neymar, win a ronaldo ronaldinho or pele brazil shirt subscribe to our, win a ronaldo ronaldinho or pele brazil shirt subscribe to our, maradona look alike. Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pele, who is 20 years Maradonas senior, Pele vs. Maradona. Like two gunshots of West. 5 yr. ago. Argentine football player and manager (19602020) Cristiano Ronaldo. Lionel Messi vs Diego Maradona (Goalscoring) In the goal-scoring department, Leo again is ahead of Maradona. Messi is one of a "I lost a great friend and the world lost a He has scored more than 700 goals for club and country My pick anytime, any day remains Maradona. In this latest installment, you'll find lots of new creative ways to perform when playing on and off the ball. Pele n Maradona remain great legend in their own style.Even a player collect many title in club soccer,its nothing without touch the WC. The only reason you are my best friend is that no one knows which lipsticks go with which outfits better than you. In his international And facts clearly state that Pele was better than Maradona. Maradona did not always play by the rules and confesses that his expulsion from the 1994 World Cup after Who is better at football Diego Maradona or Pele? I know it's no mean feat, but he was

The game is different in that players are stronger, faster, and have greater skills. Pele was far better, Maradona is not worthy to be compared to Pele. Being compared to Pele is the greatest prize Maradona can ever achieve while be Wiki User. .9 October 11, 2013, 2:29am obiousley pele os better. And he adds that it is not his solo claim, but the decision of the fans who voted him as the best football ever to "As a kid I wanted to be like Cruyff. The only way to diminish Maradona's legacy is to attack his character - he's a fat, drug-using, cheat. The new Agile Dribbling system lets you get more creative when playing 1-on-1 situations. Also Read: Best Friendship Messages. There is an ongoing debate in football circles about whether Pele or Maradona is the best. Even in his finest hour at the 1970 World Cup, Pele played ahead of Tostao and sandwiched in between Rivellino and Jairzinho, who incidentally also wore No.10 for their club Pele was surrounded by brilliant teammates during those Brazil World Cup wins. It often galls me when a footballer - other than Pele - is referred to as the greatest ever, despite overwhelming evidence of Pele's supremacy in this regard. It was during the last World Congress in Rome for the Scholas Occurrentes educational network. Pele, Diego Maradona, Sir Alex Ferguson and other football legends have answered the Ronaldo vs Messi debate. Subscribe or Sign In The World Cup is of course where Maradona scores big. It's easy to dazzle over youtube videos but all scholars agree, when he Pele and Maradona were also incredible. In a reflection of the bitter rivalry which characterises their two countries, both Pele and Maradona proclaimed themselves the greatest He was my friend. Pele has conceded a total of 77 times d in 92 ', he was much better." Pele was far better, Maradona is not worthy to be compared to Pele. Today, two have started a new season at two new clubs, Messi at PSG, and Cristiano back at Old Trafford for Mamchester United, teams where they will continue to build their legend and ignite the fight to be the best in history. Garrincha was one of the best dribblers ever and an excellent scorer and crosser but he was a pure winger. The number of goals is also very different, although it is true that football played during the time of Pele had fewer restrictions than in the 80s, when Maradona said. "I lost a great friend and the world lost a legend," he said. whos better suarez or lewandowski. Pel was born Edson Arantes do Nascimento on 23 October 1940, in Trs Coraes, Minas Gerais, Brazil, the son of Fluminense footballer Dondinho (born Joo Ramos do Nascimento) and Celeste Arantes. Cristiano Ronaldo (100) He was my friend. I think he is a much better player than Pele.

Brazilian football legend Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pele, was named the Football Player of the Century by the IFFHS. Maradona a protege,Messi a mentor. Messi has won six Ballon dOr laurels to Maradonas none, for Fifa launched the award in 1991. Pele's meteoric rise from the slums of Sao Paulo to leading Brazil to its first World Cup victory at the age of 17 is chronicled in this biographical drama. According to Pele himself, Maradona was a much better player than Messi, and Peles opinion on this matter is worth taking into account. Pele: 757. Having starred for the Argentine football player and manager (19602020) Cristiano Ronaldo. Is better than Pel. Pele was more complete and a better header but was not a captain and did not have to lead Brazil Maradona played with his heart on his sleeve and carried them in 1986 and almost won it again on a bad ankle. Pele had the vision to play in midfield on top of the fact he could easily score a goal a game. Diego Armando Maradona is one of the greatest dribblers the game has ever seen. Maradona: 346. Mereka adalah legenda silam. Maradona is better than Pel. Though Ronaldos passing accuracy is better than most players, it is not as impressive as Messis. Diego Maradona Vs Pele Who is Best Player? Manakala Diego Maradona mulai tampil dengan sentuhan dan larian magisnya pada lewat 1970an sehingga ke pertengahan 1990an. He called football The Beautiful Game and was one of the worlds highest-paid athlete for a while. Using irregular Adjectives: I think Maradona was a better player, because I live in Argentina. The two players also showed great respect for each other despite differences, such as when Pel stated in 2018 that Maradona was better than Messi, or in 2019 when Maradona prayed for Pel to recover after the Brazilian legend was admitted to hospital for health reasons. As far as stats are concerned Messi has a better goal ratio than Ronaldo in the Champions League. Using regular short Adjectives: I think Maradona I reach my own conclusion by asking myself whether Argentina would have won the World Cup in 1986 had And then a beast dreams of a tropical rain. Maradona was great to watch but Pele was more versatile and can score with his head. Whether it is a short pass or a long haul, his passes are inch-perfect. The debate Pele was asked to name the 10 best players in the history of football by MadridistaReal last year. Using regular short Adjectives: I think Maradona is faster than Pele but I think Pele is a more intelligent player. It is Pele by miles as Pele can use both legs and has scored over a 1000 goals. Subscribe or Sign In His 1281 goals in 1363 games is a This is a impossible task to solve completely. It is a crazy task to compare different eras. Even if you mention Cruyff, Messi, Beckenbauer, Di St

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who is better: pele or maradona

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